We build businesses.

With sound strategy, clear communication, marketing and connectivity, we help clients clarify purpose, improve operations, become better companies, and tell better stories.

We work with board and leadership, employees and partners, from seed sage to sustainability. We create environments that foster a democracy of ideas, so youth and innovation stand on equal footing with expertise and tradition.  In collaboration, we pair the value of legacy with growth, relevance and longevity.


  1. We work with each other.
  2. We work for clients.
  3. The client is always right.
  4. It’s up to us to make the above statement true.
  5. We all make mistakes. How quickly we own them, and fix them is what we focus on.
  6. We all have bad days. Champions slog through them. We are champions.
  7. Productivity does not come from time in front of a computer screen; it comes from clarity of thought. Go to the park, the pool and the museum to clear your mind.
  8. We find ourselves in conversation. Discuss things.
  9. Change your mind. It means you learned something.
        10.  Be heroic. We are counting on you.
You are what you read. 

Adrian Chalk Selections           ︎        ︎       ︎       ︎

Adrian Chalk loves wine. He loves the people who grow it, the places from which it’s sourced, the process that produces it, and the meals during which it is rightly enjoyed.

We worked with Adrian to develop his logo for the wines he imports as well as his sales materials, website, and online presence.

Art Directors Club     ︎       ︎       ︎

We helped …

·      Adobe introduce InDesign.
·      Getty Images introduce stock photography.
·      Aquent introduce itself to talent and clients.
·      YouTube introduce itself as an advertising platform.

I founded and ran the development department for the Art Directors Club, a members-driven organization that promotes excellence in advertising, design, and communication. In the process, we financed the Club by leveraging our reputation and connections for companies including Adobe, Eastman Kodak, Getty Images, Aquent, and YouTube.

Bari Gisin    ︎        ︎       ︎       ︎

Bari Gisin grew up seeing the world through the lens of her father’s camera. Years later, now with her son in tow, she witnessed the world through her own camera lens and watched the wonderment in her son’s eyes as they captured the face in the moon, the magic of a balloon in flight, the majesty of wild horses at play.

Bari’s photographs capture the beauty of the world we live in, the emotions we share with the animal kingdom, and the perfection of nature — either recalling our own experiences of them or exemplifying them for those who are too busy to see them in real life.

We helped Bari build a business from a passion.

Black Shadow      ︎        ︎       ︎       ︎

It took a year for father and son Jay and Mark Eisenhofer to write “Black Shadow,” their debut science fiction novel. They wanted to invest a year promoting the book as well.

The year was 2020 — a science fiction story all its own. Schools and bookstores were closed, but kids had plenty of time to read. We reached them via Free Little Libraries up and down the Eastern Seaboard. We called attention to the books with bookmarks in the libraries on social media. A modern-day golden ticket.

We honored the idea that inspired the novel: Mark’s comment that the best characters are “a little bit good and a little bit bad.” We shared this as a novel that inspires superheroes and supervillains.

We established, populated, and left an evergreen presence for Black Shadow on Amazon, iTunes, Goodreads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and

We find the white space in markets to introduce/ re-introduce products and services to consumers.  We weave societal values (CSR & ESG) into operations and brand stories. We create engagement vs. awareness, and brand ambassadors  vs. customers, by leveraging classical marketing tactics and emergent platforms.

Why?  To drive sales.

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