Himalayan Children’s Charities            ︎      

Nepal is a country of beautiful and diverse natural landscapes and unique communities.  Nepal is also one of the poorest countries in the world. Children are the most vulnerable segment of the population and face potential trafficking into bonded labor and slavery, child marriage, and limited access to education.

Himalayan Children’s Charities was founded in 2000  by Bruce and Susan Keenan, who while travelling in Nepal, saw a six year old girl sweeping in a restaurant. Bruce asked the cafe owner why the girl was not in school, and was told that she was lucky to have a job.

Bruce and Susan created HCC to give children a home, an education, and a future. In 2018, we worked together to reimagine HCC not as a U.S. charity helping Nepali children, but as a Nepali organization, where the children who benefited from their care, are now caring for future generations.

“We turned a corner with your help.”
Bruce Keenan

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